War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre

War as seen by Robert Aldrich

Twilight's Last Gleaming friday

Horaires de la séance de 21h15 à 23h30

Lieu de la séance Cinéma Comète

Réalisateur Robert Aldrich

Pays USA

Film length : 144 min

Language(s) : English, French Subtitles

Format : DCP

Genre : Fiction

Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)

Starring Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Charles Durning, Melvyn Douglas


Sunday, 16 November 1981 promised to be a quiet day for David Stevens. But the US president was unaware that at that very moment, escaped prisoners were breaking into a military base in Montana in order to gain control of nine nuclear missiles.
A rare and spectacular thriller with a reputation as a polemic work, Twilight’s Last Gleaming is the last of Robert Aldrich’s films. With its characteristic brute force of provocation, the director of Kiss Me Deadly paints a bleak picture of the inner workings of politics and describes a world on the brink of implosion, straddling the end of the Cold War and the era of presidential scandals.




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