War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre

Focus on Québec

Octobre friday

Horaires de la séance de 10h45 à 12h45

Lieu de la séance Bibliothèque

Réalisateur Pierre Falardeau

Pays Canada

Film length : 97 min

Language(s) : French

Genre : Fiction

Octobre (1994)

Starring Luc Picard, Hugo Dibé, Pierre Rivard


Two centuries after the Conquest of 1760 by the British army, Quebecers take up arms for their country’s independence. The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), in a renewal of the Patriots’ War of 1837, take up arms: attacks on barracks, thefts of weapons and explosives, armed robberies, dynamite attacks, etc. Year after year, surge upon surge, the FLQ networks are dismantled by the police, only to promptly re-emerge. As a backlash against the repression and in order to free their imprisoned comrades, FLQ militants unleash Operation Liberation. This film tells the real story, based not on period reconstruction, but on being true to the facts and to the men involved.




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