War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre


The Good, The Bad and the Weird thursday

Horaires de la séance de 10h00 à 12h30

Lieu de la séance Cinéma Comète

Réalisateur Kim Jee-Woon

Pays South Corea

Film length : 128 min

Language(s) : Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, French Subtitles

Format : 35mm

Genre : Comédie

The Good, The Bad and the Weird (2008)

Avec Song Kang-Ho, Byung-Hun Lee


In the 1930s, Japan, with Korea already under its occupation, has taken control of Manchuria. The Weird steals a treasure map from a Japanese State dignitary. The Bad, a renowned contract killer, is paid to recover the map. The Good seeks to find the holder of the map in order to claim the reward.
Kim Jee-Woon is one of the most inventive film-makers to have emerged in Korea at the juncture of the millennium. His work is a tapestry of genres which he endeavours to shape in his own particular way. […] In this film, with its Leone-inspired title, he is not content with simply adding spice to a traditional spaghetti western. He re-establishes the art of the “Manchu western”, a hybrid genre that is little known in the West but which had its heyday in Seoul’s B movie industry in the 1970s.”
Adrien Gombeaud, Positif




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