War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre


The Crazy Years of the Twist saturday

Horaires de la séance de 10h15 à 12h00

Lieu de la séance Cinéma Comète

Réalisateur Mohamoud Zemmouri

Pays France/Algeria

Film length : 90 min

Language(s) : French

Format : 35mm

Genre : Fiction

The Crazy Years of the Twist (1984)

Starring Malik Lkdhar-Hamina, Richard Bohringer, Jacques Villeret


Boufarik in the early 1960s: the film follows the misadventures of two young men, Boualem and Salah, during the final few years of the Algerian War. Resourceful but work-shy, they are impassioned by the furious rhythms of the twist. Far from having any political allegiance, while the National Liberation Front clashes with the French Army, the two lads aim to make the most of their life and youth…
“Les Folles années du twist is a masterpiece. An everyday man’s masterpiece for everyday audiences, which makes it all the more priceless. Two blues brothers muddling through as best they can against the background of the War of Independence, with gunfire at the end of every shot, and NLF commandos at every window.
Louis Skorecki, Libération.




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