War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre

The Team


Philippe Bachman / C.E.O & Artistic Director – programmer

Philippe Bachman is a French musician, artistic director and producer.
He studied music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris and at the Sorbonne University. At the same time, he graduated and obtained a post-graduate diploma at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris (Sciences-Po Paris).
As a composer, he was awarded a grant from the “Villa Medicis Hors-les-Murs” (1995) as well as a Fulbright scholarship in New York (1996). For the stage, he has composed for international productions including the Canadian director Robert Lepage.
He has worked for the Ministry of Culture, for the Cité de la Musique and for Ircam in Paris. Since 2005, he is the artistic director and C.E.O. of La Comète, Scène Nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne, a national multi-arts and cinema venue. Under his leadership, the venue expanded in every dimension.
In 2008, he created the 360° Network, uniting 15 circular venues for the performing arts in 11 European Countries and Canada. He created War on Screen. 


Stéphane Bergouhnioux / Programmer (Competition, Spotlight on Stalingrad, Videogames)

Stéphane Bergouhnioux has worked for Canal+ for 14 years as well as for a number of different TV companies. He has enjoyed a varied career as producer, writer and director of documentaries. He created behind speciality channels for events such as the Deauville and Cannes Film Festivals. Since 2006, together with Jean-Marie Nizan, he has directed a series of ten documentaries on world cinema for TPS and Canal+ Cinéma as well as a series of reports for various exhibitions (Picasso et les maîtres, Le grand monde d’Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Helmut Newton, Edward Hopper) and a documentary on Daniel Buren entitled La coupure. In 2009, he created the TV programme Histoires de Cinéma for Canal+ and directed a documentary in 2011 entitled Le centre Pompidou traversé that was shot in a single day using 8 cameras and featured no fewer than 17 participants.
In 2012 and 2013, he directed a number of documentaries for the French/German TV channel Arte; for Canal+ Cinéma, and for France 3.
He is the co-founder of Beall Productions.

Stéphane Bou / Programmer (Archive footage)

Stéphane Bou is a journalist and commentator for France Inter, where he produces the programme “Pendant les travaux, le cinéma reste ouvert” together with Jan-Baptiste Thoret, and is a lecturer in the history of cinema at the ENS Cachan teaching academy.
He was formerly with France Culture, where he produced a number of history and news programmes and archive compilations.
He has directed a number of documentaries, winning the Prix Michel Mitrani at the international FIPA festival for his film “Pour qui fait-il bon vivre en Russie”.
In 2011, his interview “Actes de naissance” with philosopher Elisabeth de Fontenay was published by Editions du Seuil and he oversaw the ·”Dictionnaire des assassins et des meurtriers“ –(The Murderers Dictionary), published by Calmann-Lévy in 2012.

Olivier Broche / Programmer (Short films Competition and The funnier side af War)

Olivier Broche is an actor, director, producer and TV host. He joined Jérôme Deschamps from 1992 to 2003, appearing in Les Deschiens for Canal+. In 2011, he co-writes with François Morel the play Instants critiques directed by François Morel.
For cinema and TV, he has worked alongside the likes of Cédric Klapisch, Coline Serreau, Manuel Poirier, Romain Goupil, Tonie Marshall and Philippe Le Guay.
He has written and directed television documentaries including Paul Reynaud and Le Temps des grands ensembles.
In association with François Magal, he has produced a number of short films, including two which featured at the Cannes Film Festival: Cindy, the Doll is mine by Bertrand Bonello andLes Signes by Eugène Green.
He sits on the judging panel for a number of festivals and is a script reader of both shorts and features for various committees, including Canal+. Since 2009, he has been artistic adviser of cinema for La Comète where he regularly presents screenings.

Jean-Baptiste Thoret / Programmer (Competition, War as Seen by Robert Aldrich)

Jean-Baptiste Thoret is an author, critic, scholar and documentary maker.
As an expert in post-classical Hollywood, Italian cinema and genre film directors, he has published various academic treatises and biographies on a number of filmmakers. He contributes to various specialist journals and magazines (including Cahiers du Cinéma) and to France Culture radio showsMauvais genres, Tout arrive! and La dispute, in addition to writing the film column for satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Since 2008, he has been the compiler of a blog dedicated to film and broadcasting news for the weekly newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur. He has produced a number of short and feature-length documentaries for Canal+ and the Cinécinémas channels, covering the lives and works of Dario Argento, Robert Duvall, William Friedkin and Richard Sarafian, among others.



The Festival is organised by la Comète – Scène nationale of Châlons-en-Champagne and its teams.

Direction générale et artistique - Philippe Bachman

Coordination générale - Paola Caretta

Partenariats et action culturelle - Gwenola Corre

Administration générale et comptabilité - Muriel Lartilleux, Sabrina Jesson, Florence Violet, Isabelle Calduch

Equipe communication, relations publiques - Jean-Michel Talva
Avec :
Billetterie - Emmanuelle Fléau, Marinella Ledoux, Julie Renault
Education artistique et programme jeune public - Nadia Hmouche, Céline Barry, Pascal Vey (service éducatif)
Bénévoles - Marion Sidoli
Accueil jury - Catherine Henry-Hall
Webmaster - Sevanova (Valentin Bigot, Stéphane Berthier)
Graphisme et catalogue – Les produits de l’épicerie (Philippe Delforge)
Traductions - Neil Coffey
Photos – Christophe Manquillet
Gazette du Festival (1st edition) - Julien RocheFrançois Vermot & Melinda Melodias

Direction technique - Gérard Claudel
Avec :
Miguel Hernandez (Régie générale) Sylvain Chevallot, Loïc Perrot, Nicolas Souply, Eric Audurier, Cédric Millet, Victor Duplant

Coordination régie - Twister Events (Emilie Rodière)

Régie copies, coordination des projections - Cousu Main (Oualid Baha, Vincent Godard)
Sous-titrage – VOSTAO (François Minaudier)

Sécurité et hôtes de salle – étudiants du lycée polyvalent Frédéric Ozanam

Les techniciens intermittents qui accompagnent La Comète dans toutes ses activités.
L’équipe de 80 bénévoles.




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