War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre

Younger Audiences


The subject matter is serious, geopolitical, social, historic… all of which means you would be forgiven for thinking that our festival is only aimed at an adult audience, at cinema enthusiasts and film experts. Not so! War has been brought to the silver screen by a number of filmmakers keen to make this tricky subject as accessible as possible to the very youngest of audiences. As we believe it is crucial to get our youngsters involved in the festival and introduce them to the true wonders of cinema, dealing as it does with conflict, tolerance and peace, we have selected 3 films with very different stories and aesthetics.
While Joe Dante’s Small soldiers takes us on a trip through the fun and quirky world of toys that come to life, Francis Nielsen’s The Dog, The General and the Birds throws children into a deeply poetic world whose cartoon drawings are reminiscent of the works of Marc Chagall.


THE filmS

by Joe Dante (1998)

LE CHIEN, LE GÉNÉRAL ET LES OISEAUX by Francis Nielsen (2003)

LE VIEIL HOMME ET L’ENFANT by Claude Berri (1996)


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