War On Screen - Festival International des cinémas de guerre




Out of around one hundred short films previewed, ten or so stood out. Just as with their feature length counterparts - if not more so - Chinese short films cover a huge variety of conflicts: Indochina, Chechnya, ex-Yugoslavia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq, Somalia and of course the Second World War, the period most frequently dealt with (3 films in our selection, after eliminating a great deal more). All are less than half an hour in length and some are no longer than 5 minutes.

Among the selection are military films, adventures, comedies, cartoons… But whatever the genre pursued, all of these young directors tell of their dread, their disbelief or indeed the stupidity of warfare. What reason is there for life? Very little, they seem to be saying.

The prize for Best Short Film will be awarded by a jury of high school cinema enthusiasts, under the guidance of Blandine Lenoir, one of the most prominent short film makers (7 outstanding productions, with various public TV broadcasts of her work and a host of prizes to her name) and who has just completed her first feature.

the films

THE PARACHUTIST by Tom Tagholm (2012) – UK
MACHSOM by Joel Novoa (2012) – USA

SLUG INVASION by David Crisp (2012) – Danemark

IN THE ENCIRCLEMENT by Karen Shakhnzarov (2012) - Russia

NOSTALGIC Z by Carl Bouteiller (2012) - France

ANIMAL KINGDOM by Igor Seregi (2012) - Croatia

I MISS MY GUN by Corey Bodoh-Creed (2012) – USA

WHY ARE YOU HERE? by Laurence Walsh (2012) – Poland

TO THE LAST DROP by Bill McGuire (2012) - Australia

FISHING WITHOUT NETS by Cutter Hodierne (2011) - Kenya

ORU BURUS by Charlotte Quillet (2012) - France

LE CRI DU HOMARD by Nicolas Guiot (2012) - France

SON INDOCHINE by Bruno Collet (2012) – France


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